How do you say "senior friendl"? Age-in-place design. Universal Design. Adaptive design. We talk often about developing a plan to help our seniors maintain an independent lifestyle. We discuss medical information, financial planning, and developing a care plan should our seniors need additional help at home. With a little help from the National Aging in Place Council, let’s take a tour of a typical home and see if there are small adaptations that we can make in order for our seniors to live more independently. Some adaptations can be made with new hardware while some adaptations require minor to extensive remodeling.

It’s no wonder that we find our fiercely independent parents fending off our help and demanding control of their lifestyle. However, as adult children, we realize that some changes should be made in order to ensure the safety of our parents and to promote the lifestyle that they crave.

The holiday season in Houston benefits from mild temperatures, an excellent arts district, and top-quality restaurants. The mild holiday temperatures and wide range of activities provide so many opportunities for you to share a special activity or event with your senior loved ones or family friends.

To us it's personal. Please share your story so that we may all learn from one another. Together we are strong.

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