App is New Alzheimer’s Caregiver Tool

December 19, 2014
New app for Alzheimer's focuses on creative outlet for ease in communication

New app for Alzheimer’s focuses on creative outlet for ease in communication

There’s a new app for Alzheimer’s patients.  The GE MIND app focuses on encouraging creative activities for patients and their families.  The December 2014/January 2015 Neurology Now issue highlights the application and its many levels of function in the article “An App to Spur Creative Expression in Alzheimer’s Patients.”

The author’s article, Andrea King Collier, details information regarding the application’s co-creator, Daniel C. Potts, MD, a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and founder and president of Cognitive Dynamics.  The article states that GE Healthcare collaborated with Dr. Potts in developing the application for neurological patients.  Dr. Potts focuses on utilizing the creative aspect of recalling memories long thought forgotten by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients, as well as patients of other neurological conditions.

Examples of some of the app’s interactive activities include puzzles, sketchbooks, a piano keyboard, or simple dances and stretching exercises, according to Collier’s review.

In addition to focusing on creative benefits, the free iPad app features MIND Facts that provides caregivers in-depth information about the progression of neurological diseases.  Another feature, MIND AID, offers helpful tips such as organizing finances and labeling cabinets for those patients living with the earlier stages of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions, according to Collier’s review of the product.  Additionally, family caregivers may find MIND AID helpful for assistance in managing the care of loved ones in more advanced stages of the disease.

The iPad application is available on the iTunes store while more information can be obtained by visiting GE MIND. 


Reference:  NeurologyNow (December 2014/January 2015) “An App to Spur Creative Expression in Alzheimer’s Patients.”

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