Upcoming Webinar on Senior Finances

September 22, 2014
An upcoming webinar will focus on assisting seniors with finances

An upcoming webinar will focus on assisting seniors with finances

An educational webinar, “Helping Seniors with Finances” will be hosted on Wednesday, October 8 at 12 noon central.  The 2014 Senior Care Web Series is designed for professional caregivers; however, family caregivers may find helpful information in the program that can help them assist their loved ones on senior finances.

It’s easy to register for the upcoming webinar by clicking here or visiting www.CaregiverStress.com to enroll prior to the scheduled event.  If you aren’t able to attend this live session, the program is recorded and will be archived and available for later viewing at www.CaregiverStress.com.  Also, you may access the site to check out other educational webinars in this year-long series.  Please pre-register for any Family Caregiver Webinar for Professionals by visiting the site and enrolling prior to the scheduled session.  You may phone 415-974-9600 if you have additional questions or need assistance accessing the webinar.

Helping seniors with tasks such as managing finances and other household chores can help loved ones maintain control of their lives while encouraging independence for as long as possible.  Additionally, coaching on financial management may help identify possible victims of financial fraud or other neglected financial responsibilities that could have damaging consequences to a senior’s financial security, such as failure to file annual income taxes or other obligations.


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