Fall Gardening Tips for Seniors

September 15, 2014
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Fall gardening is an excellent activity for older adults(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our first few days of cooler temperatures make it easy to get back outdoors and enjoy the late summer and early Fall afternoons.  It’s also a great time to encourage aging parents or other older adults to participate in Fall gardening!

Fall gardens are an excellent activity for seniors because the milder temperatures are easier on older adults and the activity level can be matched to your loved one’s ability.

Fall gardening encourages seniors to:

1. Remain physically active.

2. Keep mentally stimulated.

3. Serve a purpose by contributing to the family and household.

4. Enjoy great-tasting and healthy foods!

Fall gardens don’t have to mean the entire backyard is tilled under and hours of back-breaking chores committed to planting, hoeing, watering and fertilizing.  A few vegetable plants in strategic locations can be more rewarding than a 1-acre garden plot — and a whole lot less work!

Quick tips for Fall gardening:

1.  Include a few plants such as colorful kale, leafy spinach or broccoli in easy-to-access patio pots.  It’s easy to step out on a sunny deck or patio and grab a few leaves of spinach or kale for a quick lunch salad.

2.  Create a window garden by planting herbs in a window box where a few snips off the plants will add color and flavor to any meal.

3.  Include a few plants such as beets, brussel sprouts, or lettuce in existing landscape areas.  The vegetables will be easy to harvest and the color is a great addition to Fall landscaping.

Gardening is an excellent opportunity for older adults and their family caregivers to enjoy the outdoors, get a little exercise, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Consider checking in with your local nursery for a selection of bedding plants and seeds, Fall is a great time for gardening in Texas!


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