Thinking Out of the Sandbox: A Senior Playground!

August 15, 2014
Why settle for a bike ride when there's a senior playground at the park?

Why settle for a bike ride when there’s a senior playground at the park?

What fun!  A Houston-area town opened a local playground for seniors! The Galveston County Parks and Senior Services program announced the Grand Opening of their “Motion Wellness System” in La Marque, Texas.  The first playground of its kind in Texas, the wellness playground is designed to focus training on balance and coordination for older adults.

The playground system is designed to provide a safe approach to helping older adults improve and maintain mobility, flexibility, and balance skills.

Organizers report that the wellness playground features fitness steps, a wavy balance beam, a stretching board, seated bar grab and other components that have been adapted to seniors.

Often, we mention the importance of keeping seniors engaged and involved in an independent lifestyle.  We hope that a focus on fall prevention and other training options will help make this playground a gathering place for older adults who remain young at heart!

So, how about planning a trip to the park with your aging parent or other loved one?  Let’s put a bit of “swing” back in the lives of everyone’s lives and meet you at the playground!


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