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July 24, 2014
Engaging in conversation through common interests can improve social interaction for seniors

Engaging in conversation through common interests can improve social interaction for seniors

Family caregivers know that one of the biggest obstacles to keeping an aging parent engaged in conversation and social interaction is finding a topic that is relevant to their loved one.

If you are looking for ways to open the door to social interaction for aging parents or other loved ones, consider checking out websites and magazines that are designed to reminisce about the “years gone past” or specific points in history such as World War II.  You may discover a special interest that you didn’t know piqued an interest from your Mom or Dad.  It’s a wonderful way to discover common interests.

Some magazines and websites that offer a glimpse at the past through trends, styles, hobbies, popular cars, and other topics that may be more meaningful to Mom and Dad than today’s pop culture chatter about Kim Kardashian or the latest iPhone release.

Also, some of these websites and magazines offer an opportunity to order favorite foods, clothing, toys, games and books that were popular during our parents’ youth and young adult years.  A special candy or favorite perfume earlier years may make the perfect birthday gift.

A trip down memory lane can be more meaningful for your parent if they can share their stories and insight with grandchildren and other family members.  Consider hosting an evening where Mom is the star of the show and she can be interviewed by a grandchild — complete with audio-visual rolling.

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about your parents’ interests and passions:

Good Old Days Magazine

Birds and Blooms Magazine

National Geographic Traveler

America in World War II

Reminisce Magazine

You’ll find that there are magazines and websites for just about every interest.  Other general interest topics may be found in large-print magazines such as “Reader’s Digest”.

It’s a big world we live in and sometimes a bit of investigative work may open a whole new door to your family’s history and future!

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