Multi-Generational: Summer Time, Fun Time

July 18, 2014
Summertime activities present a great opportunity for mulit-generational bonding!

Summertime activities present a great opportunity for mulit-generational bonding!

It’s summer time and that means family gatherings that create opportunities for multi-generational interaction.  It’s a great time to bring grandparents and grandchildren closer together while forging bonds that may last a lifetime.

However, it can mean that keeping the distinct generations engaged and occupied can be a challenge for the family caregiver. Here’s a few activity ideas that may help bring the generations closer while encouraging relationship-building fun for everyone, including you!

Idea #1: Set up a lemonade stand or vegetable stand.
Sounds like a lot of work, right?  It doesn’t have to be.  Mix up some lemonade, set up a curbside table, and post a chalkboard sign.  A fresh lemonade stand is easy to set up, it’s fun to host, and the neighbors will love the opportunity to stop by for a quick “hello” during a shady evening walk.   Or, if your garden is robust, toss that bumper crop of tomatoes into a basket and pull up a comfy chair next to the curb.  Homecoming road warriors will love the fresh additions to their summer salad!

Remember that your lemonade or vegetable stand doesn’t need to be an all-day affair.  An hour during early evening is perfect.

Idea #2: Family Art Day.
Set out the art supplies and let the generations decide which way the creative ideas will take them.

Idea #3: Everyone’s a teacher!
Everyone has something to teach.  Ask Grandmom to share her birdwatching skills with your children or encourage Dad to include the kids in his evening jig-saw puzzle.

Idea #5: Sit on the porch.
That’s right.  Turn off the TV and gather the family for an evening on the front or back porch.  Pour up some of that leftover lemonade from the stand and settle in for an evening in the gathering dusk.  Have plenty of cushions available so that leaning back for stargazing is inviting and comfortable.

Idea #6: Hand-crank some homemade ice cream.
It’s a great way to cool off while providing a chance for kids to burn off extra energy.

It takes a bit of planning and creativity, but the memories created during a summer will last a lifetime!


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