It’s Hurricane Season in Houston

June 16, 2014
It's Hurricane Season and Having  a Plan is a Must for Houston Residents

It’s Hurricane Season and Having a Plan is a Must for Houston Residents

It’s hurricane season and that means planning and preparation is a must for families in Houston and the Gulf Coast area.  Pre-planning is especially important for family caregivers and their aging parents.

Although it’s important to assemble a traditional hurricane emergency supply kit and prepare homes and property, it’s equally important to plan ahead for a possible evacuation.

If an imminent evacuation may prove difficult for your aging parent and other loved ones, special needs assistance may be available through 2-1-1- in the Houston area.  This assistance line is part of a statewide database that maintains information for storm and other emergency preparations.  The elderly and disabled are encouraged to contact 2-1-1 and register for assistance in the event an emergency evacuation should be necessary.  The program is designed to assist those residents who may not have other family members or friends who can help them in their evacuation plans.

To register yourself or another elderly individual, have the following information handy before dialing 2-1-1:

1.  Your name, address and phone number

2.  Your emergency contact’s name, their relationship, and their phone number

3.  Will your require transportation for evacuation?

4.  Do you own a pet or service animal?

5.  Do you have a special medical need such as supplemental oxygen or other requirements?

Other helpful resource numbers include:

7-1-1 Relay Texas

This service provides communication between TTY (Text Telephone or Telecommunications Device) users and hearing persons.  Or, the relay services provides TTY services for those with hearing impairments or other disabilities.

5-1-1 Traveler Information

This statewide resource provides traveler information such as road closures and weather-related delays.

3-1-1 Non-Emergency Services

This citywide number is designed to provide access to non-emergency services such as downed trees that block roadways, loose animals and livestock, or water service line concerns.

Some of the most effective preparation for an emergency is pre-planning and having a clear understanding of potential services  available.  To learn more about specific services in your area, visit for more referral and resource information.

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