Long-Distance Caregivers: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 5, 2014
Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

When we were children we may have honored our mothers on Mother’s Day with picnics in the park, carnation corsages, or breakfasts in bed.  As an adult child and long-distance caregiver, gifts may be a bit more difficult to deliver and gifts of perfume, flowers and a scarf just don’t seem to be appropriate as Mother’s Day gifts for aging parents.

As a long-distance caregiver, we may wish we had the opportunity to help Mom on our Saturday afternoons, but that isn’t always the option.  How about considering a gift of time or service for Mother’s Day?   Here’s a few ideas that will keep on giving long after the holiday:

1.  Home maintenance projects.

Consider hiring a contractor to paint the interior or exterior of the home, if needed.  Or, hire a handyman to clean the gutters, repair window screens, and clean the windows.  Contract with a lawn service for annual lawn care and maintenance.  For an extra splash, ask the lawn service to deliver a suitable potted flower for the front porch on their first day of service.

2.  Dog-walking or pet grooming service.

Hire a dog-walking service during winter’s icy days or summer’s scorching afternoons.  Check out the availability of a mobile pet grooming service that comes to the door step to clip Cleo’s claws or suds up Shelby’s shaggy coat.

3.  Hire a housekeeping service.

If your Mom does not have a regular housekeeper, consider this year-long gift idea.  Or, if housekeeping is a favorite chore, hire a service for the heavy lifting such as deep-cleaning the carpet or tile grout.

4.  Prepare for summer heat.

Hire a reputable air conditioning service company to inspect and service the air conditioner before summer heat settles in; schedule a return visit to inspect and service the heater this Fall.

5.  Food service delivery.

Does Mom have a favorite restaurant?  Check into a weekly or monthly meal delivery service.  Also, if she enjoys entertaining, purchase enough meals so that she may invite a guest to join her for dining in at home.

So often our mother’s tell us that they don’t need anything for Mother’s Day.  In most cases, that’s probably true.  However, Mom may love extra help with a special project or chore that she has been dreading.  Most importantly,  she’ll love that you thought of her on her special day!

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