Towels Are Versatile Caregiver’s Tools

January 24, 2014

January is “White Sale” month, and that’s when smart shoppers stock up on towels and linens.  Smart family caregivers take advantage of discounts to ensure that plenty of extra towels and linens are available for a variety of senior home care uses.


It’s “White Sale” Season: Plenty of Towels are a Must for Family Caregivers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this high-tech world with gadgets, apps and plenty of home caregiving aids, sometimes a warm and fuzzy towel can provide the greatest comfort and versatility for caregivers and their aging parents or other loved ones.

1.  A cozy, warm towel is an excellent pain-relief aid for aches associated with osteoarthritis.  The flexibility of a towel wraps around sore joints and fits into nooks and crannies that an electric heating pad may not reach.

2.  Beach towels are a good alternative to heavier lap blankets and the narrower width is easier to tuck into chairs and keep away from wheels.  Also, three or four beach towels can be used as light-weight nighttime blankets that may not be kicked off so often.

3.  Large hand towels can be used as dining bibs.  Use a small ball chain (like the chain on ceiling fan pulls) connected to alligator clips. The clips keep the hand towel secured as an over-sized bib.

4.  A tightly rolled towel can be used as neck, spine, lower back or arm and leg support.  By choosing towels in varying sizes and thicknesses, the towel roll can be adjusted to the the right size for almost any position.

5.  Hot, wet towels applied to the upper face offers quick relief for a sinus headache.

6.  A large bath towel on a chair cushion can be tugged and pulled for better seating placement in a chair or wheelchair.


7.  A small, folded hand towel placed on the dining table can offer padding and protection for fragile skin on elbows and forearms.

8.  Remember to gather plenty of flat sheets in various sizes to use as lift sheets in hospital beds or as a comfortable texture against sensitive skin.  Bedding should be 100 percent cotton so that it “breathes” better, and wicks moisture away from your loved ones.

When shopping White Sales, stock up on plenty of towels and washcloths in several sizes for a variety of tasks.  Also, remember that smaller, thinner towels are easier to launder and dry than their fluffier counterparts.

A towel is a simple tool, but sometime it offers just the right padding, absorbency or comfort for your loved one.  Happy shopping!



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