Aging In Place is the New Boomer Revolution!

January 31, 2014

The youngest Baby Boomers turn 50 this year and every day 10,000 Americans turn 60 years old!  Throughout their lives, Boomers redefined college campuses, redefined the American workplace, and Boomers are redefining their retirement lifestyle through aging in place.    

Family caregivers can help aging parents with aging in place options

Family caregivers can help aging parents with aging in place options

Aging in place is a goal for many older adults and their family caregivers.  Home is familiar, comfortable, and in a neighborhood surrounded by friendships and relationships that span decades. 

An aging in place movement, known as “Staying Put” is a grass-roots effort that was established in 1999 in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.  A group of friends determined that their primary goal was to stay put in their own homes.  The group realized that they needed a support structure to allow their goal of aging in place gracefully to occur and they formed a self-governing, non-profit group that is supported by membership fees, donations and volunteers.

Several groups have joined the movement and are custom-fit to their particular community and needs.  Pre-approved service providers may provide anything from transportation, shopping, home safety modifications, and reduced rates on home care and housekeeping services and more.  Additionally, social clubs, exercise classes, and outings are part of the community-based program.  The program encourages independence while providing social interaction.

Once again, Boomers have defined living on their own terms and aging in place allows aging parents and their family caregivers the option to provide in-home care in an independent and secure environment.

Some Aging In Place Ideas for Homes:

  1. Modify existing features such as kitchen sinks, toilets and bath tubs.
  2. Add an additional unit to homes such as a guest quarters to accommodate caregivers.
  3. Modify one floor of the home to accommodate a complete living quarters.
  4. Communicate wishes to age-in-place to other family members.

Not all modifications that accommodate independent living have to be expensive.  Sometimes ingenuity and a caregiver’s thoughtful approach to the needs of their loved one can overcome common obstacles.


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