Travel Trailers: Another Senior Housing Option

October 21, 2013

Living with a disability can be difficult, especially when it comes to defining a living space.  One option that today’s Boomers and their caregivers are considering are ADA-compliant travel trailers that allow them better control of living spaces for the elderly.

As youngsters, many Boomers followed their parents in the post-World War II travel craze and camped in silvery tear-drop shaped travel trailers.  Some of these same Boomers are returning to travel trailers as alternative living options.

Vintage travel trailer

Recently, family members returned to their travel-park lifestyle after a post-surgery recovery period.  Their two-year hiatus in a senior-friendly apartment met their needs by providing good lighting and ample space for a wheelchair, walker, and other mobility aids.  The apartment provided plenty of space for visiting therapists and other post-surgery rehabilitation efforts.   Health care facilities, shopping, and an excellent support network were very convenient to the apartment community.

However, after spending the better part of two decades in some of the nation’s most scenic areas, the couple missed their nomadic lifestyle and sense of family within the travel community.   So, after countless hours shopping the internet and comparing features, the wheelchair-bound couple traded their fifth-wheel trailer for a single level ADA-compliant travel trailer.

Some of the features that they considered in their new travel rig included:

  • Barrier-free floor plans
  • Entrance ramps or lift options
  • Roll-in showers and roll-under sinks
  • Strategic hand rails

Some travel trailer manufacturers are addressing the set-up operations of their rigs by including remote control options for:

  • stabilizing jacks
  • slide out extensions
  • exterior lighting
  • exterior shade awnings
  • crank-free TV antennas

Additionally, ADA-compliant travel rigs are featuring extra-wide doorways, larger floor spaces to accommodate a chair or walker’s turning radius, low-level counter tops and specially-outfitted appliances.

If you think a travel trailer may be an option for your family member, consider renting a rig for several trial-runs  at one of Texas’s many parks, lakes or beaches.  There are plenty of websites and groups such as Handicapped Travel Club, Inc. that can offer guidelines and assistance in determining if a travel trailer living arrangement is a good choice for your family.

So, let’s go RVing!

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