Where Did I Put My Keys?

October 18, 2013

We all do it.  Everyone has misplaced car keys or TV remote controls.  Family caregivers have too much to do in a day to waste time searching for commonly misplaced items.  Once again, adaptive technology is here to help by incorporating tracking devices in our everyday world.  Today’s technology market offers a selection of several small-item tracking applications that are affordable and easy to monitor via iOS smart phone technology.

Small-gadget locating devices are a great tool for family caregivers

Small-gadget tracking devices are a great tool for family caregivers

How do tracking devices work?

A small tag is placed on the item that you don’t want to lose and with the aid of smart phone applications, the items can be tracked if they are lost or an alarm may sound if the item moved from a designated zone.  For instance, a small emblem is placed on your TV remote control.  If the remote falls between the sofa cushions and can’t be located, then check your smart phone app for the location and sound the alarm.

Locate those pesky car keys.

Despite having a hook near the front door, car keys have a habit of hiding among sofa cushions, dirty laundry bags, or the bottom of a very dark purse and backpack.  Some tracking devices offer an alarm and light for locating in the dark.

Place on luggage.

When traveling with an aging parent, it’s difficult to juggle carry-on luggage while keeping an eye or steadying-arm on Mom.  Place a tracking device on your checked baggage and your smart phone application will notify you once your checked bag has entered into range.

Identify your family’s walkers, canes and other mobility devices.

There’s no doubt about it, walkers and canes can begin to look alike in the church foyer, a restaurant check room or the waiting area of a beauty salon.  A tracking device will sound an alarm if your mobility device is being removed from the area.

Track family pets!

A tracking device on a pet’s collar will help alert family members when a loved one’s pet has left the house or garden.

A few resources for some the new tracking devices include:  Stick-N-Find, Tile and Button TrackR.

How do you use your smart phone app in your day-to-day caregiving routine?  We would love to share your ideas with our readers, please include your tips below!

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