We’re Grateful for Family Caregivers!

September 13, 2013

Do you celebrate World Gratitude Day?  World Gratitude Day was introduced by meditation guru Sri Chinmoy at the 1965 International East-West Center in Hawaii on Thanksgiving Day.  In 1977 the day was officially recognized by the United Nations Meditation Group with a goal of establishing a global feeling of gratitude and goodness.

Since then, many participants have shared their thanks by establishing gratitude lists, gratitude journals or thankful gestures toward friends, families and strangers.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures” — Thornton Wilder

National Gratitude Day is September 21 and we're grateful for family caregivers

National Gratitude Day is September 21 and we’re grateful for family caregivers

Author Todd Aaron Jensen wrote the book, “On Gratitude”, where he interviewed hundreds of the worlds most prominent figures and asked what they are most grateful for in their lives.  The book gave birth to The Gratitude List, a concept where each day the participant writes one thing they are grateful for in their lives and acts upon that gratefulness by passing along a good deed or “paying it forward”.

We are grateful for family caregivers!

1.  We are grateful for your skill in caring for family loved ones.

2.  We are grateful for your ability to adapt and cope with changing circumstances.

3.  We are grateful for your generosity of spirit.

4.  We are grateful for your gift of time.

Thank you!

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