Back-to-School Time Means Vaccinations!

August 2, 2013

It’s back-to-school time!  If you think you’re parents are long past those back-to-school preparations such as buying pencils and paper or scheduling vaccinations, think again! Maintaining booster shots and vaccinations for aging parents is as important today as their  vaccination schedule during early childhood.


Vaccinations for seniors are an important part of wellness program

Now is an excellent time to schedule medical appointments and review vaccine records with your love one’s medical professionals.  A review of current vaccination requirements and booster recommendations should be included in annual reviews with health care providers and it’s an even better idea to have this discussion long before flu season.

Although each senior’s health history will dictate their own individual vaccination schedule, every senior adult should review their vaccination schedule or booster regimen for:

1.  Influenza vaccine

2.  Tetanus, diptheria and persussis (whooping cough) boosters

3.  Varicella vaccine for chickenpox

4.  Herpes zoster vaccine for shingles

5.  Pneumonia vaccine

So that you may keep up with your loved one’s vaccination and booster schedules, you may visit the Centers for Disease Control for a copy of your own vaccine scheduler.  Or check out for more information about age-appropriate vaccinations.



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