Caregiver Gift Ideas!

August 23, 2013

Family caregivers give so much of their time and energy to their aging parent or loved one each day.  How can we let them know that their efforts are valued?  Scented bath salts and flowers are nice tokens.  However, a caregiver can benefit from caregiver gift ideas such as respite breaks, service appointments, and caregiver support any time of year, especially after a hectic summer season.


Great caregiver gift ideas:

 The Gift of Time

Make arrangements to provide care for your family’s loved one so that your family caregiver can make arrangements for their own medical or dental appointment, hair appointment, a solo shopping trip or a solo walk in the neighborhood park.

If practical, make arrangements for the care recipient to spend an afternoon or overnight in your home so that the caregiver can have an extended rest in their own home.

2.     A Special Treat

Often, caregivers are so stressed for cash and spare time that their own comfort needs go unattended.  In addition to providing respite care, consider adding a spa gift certificate, theatre tickets or a special dinner on the town.

3.    Consider Providing Support Services

Caregiving is a full-time job that may make it difficult to accomplish daily chores such as housekeeping, lawn care, basic home maintenance service or auto maintenance.  Consider providing the appropriate professional service so that basic maintenance needs can be attended to before they become an inconvenient emergency.  Or, consider hiring a reputable caregiving service provider so that the caregiver can schedule and attend to their ongoing household and personal needs on a weekly schedule.

4.    Gadgets are Good

There are so many senior-friendly products available and your family caregiver may have their eye on a special tool for a particular chore.  Ask if a motion-sensing light would be helpful during evening wake up periods or if an automated pill box would help with proper medication reminders.  Would a grab bar in the bathroom or near the bed add an extra assurance?  Would a gift certificate to an adaptive-clothing source be helpful in providing senior-friendly clothing for the care giver or the care recipient?

Scented soaps, pretty candles and sweet treats are nice.  However, taking a moment to study the caregiving situation and discussing options with your family caregiver may open the door for a thoughtful gift that will continue giving every day.


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