Memory Exercises Strengthen our Brain!

July 5, 2013

It seems we all worry about our memory or ability to recall from time to time. Is forgetting to turn off the oven a sign of forgetfulness or memory loss? Our long-time neighbor’s name is right on the tip of our tongue! Susan? Sharon? Or is it Samantha?

 Learning a new card game is a great way to exercise the brain!

Learning a new card game is a great way to exercise the brain!

As family caregivers, we’re wearing many hats and juggle an armful of daily tasks. It’s no wonder that remembering all our daily details has become one more chore! However, there are a few memory exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine that may lead the way to a stronger memory:

Learn Something New!

Just like our muscles, exercising our brain by stretching its ability may help improve memory function. And, taking on a new hobby, learning a new language, or playing a new instrument can help provide an outlet to combat caregiver stress.


Fewer than six hours’ of sleep per night may be attributed to a greater risk of stroke, which can affect memory.

Eat Your Greens!

W What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. Colorful fruits and vegetables, including plenty of dark, green leafy vegetables are considered tops for good cardio and mental health. Also, don’t forget nuts, fish, and olive oil.

Put Yourself to the Test!

Create a challenge such as memorizing a few new names each day. Or, play a memory recall game as you complete your chores.


Not only does a scheduled walking date help encourage you to participate, but the exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation is a trifecta of good habits.


Reduced anxiety is said to increase blood flow to the brain. Find some quiet time where slow breathing exercises and soft music will bring you into a relaxed state of mind.

Maintaining your brain health by focusing on these steps will help you in many aspects of your caregiving roles.


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