Caregivers: Do You De-Stress?

July 8, 2013

Caregiver stress.  We hear a lot about caregiver stress and the challenges associated with caring for our aging parents, maintaining family relationships, and finding time for our own interests.  But, do we know how to de-stress?

Here’s a quick quiz that may help us focus on a few activities that may help us diffuse from the stress of managing households, careers and caregiving duties.

Caregivers can benefit from de-stressing tips

Caregivers can benefit from de-stressing tips


1.  True or false: adding exercise to an already-crowded schedule just serves to increases stress and tension.


Answer: false. Physical exercise is one of the most beneficial ways of treating stress.  Whether it’s going to a gym or just taking a fifteen-minute walk, finding time to engage in physical activity on a regular basis helps to reduce stress levels.


2.  True or false: what enters your body can affect your stress levels.


Answer: true. Staying in good physical shape helps you deal with stress more effectively and healthily. Making sure that you eat a proper diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and only limited amounts of fat, sugar, and caffeine will aid your overall health and assist you in stressful times.


3.  Which of the following may help you deal with a high-stress day?


A.  Walking in a nearby park.


B.  Wriggling your toes in a babbling brook.


C.  Sitting under a tree in your yard and watching birds.


D.  All of the above.


E.  None of the above.


Answer: D. Studies have shown that spending a little time with nature can lift your spirits and put you in a more pleasant mood.


4.  True or False: only a professional masseuse can help rid a person’s body of tension.


Answer: false.  Stress causes tension, but you don’t have to go to a spa to get some relief.  Asking a friend or family member to just give you a back rub can be beneficial.  Even when you’re alone, you can work out the kinks in easy-to-reach muscles yourself.


5.  Fill in the blank:  A hobby that would help you relieve stress is ____________.


Answer: whatever hobby interests you.  The important thing is to have a hobby if you want one.  Having an interest that involves you makes you feel better and eases stress.


Caregiving is a high-octane job and requires a great deal of multi-tasking in order to meet the care needs of our loved ones.  However, accepting that stress is part of the job description and taking proactive steps to ward off stress is a great step to avoiding breakdown.


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