What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2013

Are you still searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas?  How about flowers, chocolate cake, and scented candles?   While those are nice gifts, our seniors tell us that a gift of time is the gift they treasure most from their loved ones.

Mother's Day gift ideas can extend beyond flowers and candy!

Mother’s Day gift ideas can extend beyond flowers and candy!

We hope you have fun with a few of these ideas and that you are inspired to think beyond Hallmark cards and create a day that you and your Mom will treasure.

1.  A trip to a favorite venue.

How long has it been since your mother attended the local symphony, visited a museum or enjoyed a special evening at a long-favorite restaurant loaded with special memories such as past anniversary or birthday celebrations?  Your mom may not be able to tour the whole museum or attend a complete symphony performance, but pre-planning may allow you to highlight a favorite gallery or treasured selection of music.

2.  A visit home.

Perhaps your mother’s family home is within an easy drive and an afternoon driving past schools, shops, and city landmarks would be a special treat for her — and you!  Taking time to listen to her childhood stories, reflections and family history may allow you a prized glimpse into your mom’s childhood or early adulthood.

3.  A family portrait.

Gather the extended family and schedule a photo session that will capture your family’s interests and personality.  Mom will enjoy being front and center of the multi-generational clan.

4.  An afternoon at home with mom.

Yes.  You visit often.  However, during this trip to Mom’s house refrain from spending the time dusting cobwebs, changing light bulbs or cooking a freezer full of ready-to-heat meals.  Really visit this time.  Turn off the TV and spread out a few photo albums or souvenirs from travels and encourage your mother to tell her story.

5.  A family work day.

Invite your children and siblings to join you in a family work day that includes freshening flower beds, trimming trees and lawns, sweeping the garage, maintaining the car, tidying hard-to-reach cabinets and drawers, freshening bedding and window treatments, cleaning gutters and windows.

If your mother lives with you, invite your sisters and daughters to join you in an afternoon of helping your mother update her wardrobe, footwear, toiletry items and other personal items that Mom may find it difficult to shop for on her own.  Other family members could spend the afternoon installing grab bars, enhanced lighting and furniture that is easy for Mom to navigate with minimum assistance.

6.  Host a Mother’s Day Tea.

If your mother loves to host lunches and dinners but entertaining has become more of a chore than a pleasure, offer to provide behind-the-scenes support and encourage her to invite friends to a tea or luncheon.  You can take care of writing the invitations, shopping, preparing the meal and setting the table while your mom dresses for the occasion and greets her guests.

7.  Arrange monthly deliveries.

If you are a long-distance caregiver, Mother’s Day is an excellent time to remind your mom that you think about her every month of the year.  Take a moment to work with local retailers in putting together a monthly gift delivery.  How about a carton of favorite ice cream in June?  A new oscillating fan in July?  A delivery from her favorite restaurant in August?  How about a colorful potted plant in September?  A festive Fall wreath for her front door in October?  A selection of brightly-wrapped treats that she can share with neighbors, the housekeeper, the yard man or friends dropping in for the holidays in November?  A roll of stamps in December?  A new shawl in January?  A bouquet of roses in February?  An Easter basket in March?  An album from a favorite musician in April?  A floppy sun hat in May?  The ideas are endless!  You’ll both have fun with the year of gifting.

We wish you and yours a happy Mother’s Day and hope you enjoy the opportunity to be creative with your gifting ideas!

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