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March 18, 2013
Search for ways to improve quality time with your aging parent?  There's an app for that!

Search for ways to improve quality time with your aging parent? There’s an app for that!

A caregiver’s smart phone application, or “app”, can be a favorite tool for caregiver support, as well as providing features that appeal to aging parents and other senior loved ones.

Although we encourage participation in caregiver support groups for an ongoing exchange of ideas and information, sometimes it’s handy to have a solution for a problem right at our finger tips.  Have you checked out senior-friendly apps lately?

 1.  Travel-related apps that you can enjoy with your aging parent.

Ready to travel, but mobility concerns make outbound trips too difficult? Consider touring favorite locations with the MapQuest app or flying over old home sites with Google Earth.  Both apps offer a great virtual travel opportunity for imaginative travelers.  Both apps are excellent conversation starters, especially when sharing on a computer notebook screen.

2.  Ready to jam to some tunes?

The days of the shoulder-mounted Boom Box have come and gone.  But, you can share music anywhere and anytime with apps such as Pandora Internet Radio.   If making music is your thing, create your own tunes with the help of apps such as Virtuoso Piano Free

3.  What’s for dinner?

That forever question keeps caregivers seeking new and innovative dishes for a picky diner.  Luckily, sites such as have created companion apps that allow home-kitchen chefs ready access to meal ideas.  Specifically, the snack section offers “just right” dishes for a senior-sized portion.  There are plenty of meal-preparation sites that suit just about any food preferences.

4.  Did you take your meds?

Dozens of websites and portable-device apps have been developed that offer medication reminders, refill reminders or medical appointment management tools.  MedWatcher and RxmindMe are just two choices that you may wish to review to determine if their functions suit your family’s lifestyle.

5. How do you unwind?

Several apps offer inspirational quotes, soothing music or white noise.  If you’re looking for a bit of caregiver respite and need a boost to move you into the zone, check out Relax Melodies for your next yoga session.  Or, how about a quick game of Words with Friends?  This app is a virtual reality version that connects players globally.

In addition to thousands of apps being readily available for smart phone and computer notebook use, many apps offer supporting blogs that help you maximize your use of the tool.  If this blog has piqued your interest and your ready to check out more tools, I’m sure “there’s an app for that”, too!

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