What Are You Doing for the New Year?

January 4, 2013

Family caregivers wear many hats.  We are cook, housekeeper, nurse, and driver.  In addition, aging parents look to us for entertainment and companionship.

Although it can be consuming to focus on the day-to-day tasks of caregiving, we hope that we don’t lose sight of the opportunities that we may have for brief opportunities to bond with our parents while creating memories for our families — young and old.

We hope that you will take the time to look forward into the new year and plan events that allow you to create special moments with your parents or other loved ones by focusing on senior activity ideas in 2013.

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Senior Activity Ideas in 2013

January – A great time for scrapbooking and discovering old family photos.  Or, bird watching from the warmth of a cozy kitchen window!

February – Fill the house with the sound of music.   Is your loved one a fan of some of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s music?  Pull out those dusty record albums and enjoy the tunes!

March – The first hint of Spring can be celebrated by crafting a window terrarium.  Get a jump start on Spring by adding seedlings that can be enjoyed in the home for a few weeks prior to transplanting  outdoors.

April –  Are you ready for a day trip?  A quick drive through the countryside or a walk through a city park may unearth wildflowers, fresh green growth and other treasures of a Spring day.

May –  Memorial Day is an excellent time to record military history in your family.  The Veterans’ History Project offers an excellent opportunity to record your family’s military history.

June –  A warm summer evening is an ideal time for an outdoor picnic.  A meal as simple as sandwiches on the back porch, or a picnic basket packed and toted to a local park, pond, or other favorite spot.

July – The Fourth of July is an excellent time to gather family and friends for viewing fireworks, parades and other events.  If your loved one isn’t comfortable in crowds, plan a small-scale event that may include something as simple as sharing watermelon with an ice-cold lemonade.  Or, seek out a local bandstand that features patriotic music.

August –  Is a trip to a local beach possible?   If not, consider crafting picture frames or memory boxes with a collection of treasured shells from past family vacations.

September – It’s back to school time!  Why not consider learning something new?  A new dance step, a new song or a new version of a tried-and-true hobby.

October – Crisp autumn winds call for a trip to local orchards for an apple-picking session.  If an outing isn’t an option, consider testing family recipes that warm the kitchen with the tasty smells of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

November – If family gatherings are too difficult to organize, consider gathering items for a food basket delivery to your local food pantry.  The focus on the needs of others may provide for a heartwarming afternoon with your loved one.

December –  The holiday season offers many opportunities to join family, friends and neighbors in informal, low-key gatherings that focus on fellowship.  Consider planning several brief events that highlight one or two favorite aspects of the season such as music or tasty foods.  Shorter and more intimate gathers are much easier for all family members to handle during the hectic pace of the season.

We realize that not every suggestion is suitable for every family.  However, we hope that you will take the time to carve out special senior activities for your loved one and savor the special moments in 2013!


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