Long Winters’ Night Requires Attention to Parking Lot Safety Tips

December 31, 2012

Longer evenings may mean that family caregivers are spending more time running errands after dark.  Unfortunately, purse snatchers and car thieves are aware that the darker evenings provide better hiding places and opportunities to prey on shoppers.  A few parking lot safety tips may  help keep your family safer in neighborhood shopping areas.

Family Caregivers Should Observe Parking Lot Safety Tips

Parking Lot Safety Tips

1.  Do not park next to large vans or trucks.  Their bulk obstructs the view and creates hiding spaces for possible attackers.

2.  Approach your parked car with a finger on your key chain’s panic button.

3.  Keep your mace in hand as it may serve as a visible deterrent.

4.  Avoid parking garages, especially stairwells.

5.  Always remain aware of surroundings and walk with a purpose.  Do not become distracted with cell phone conversations or head phones.

6.  Keep car doors locked and windows secure.

7.  Do not approach strangers who may call out to you for assistance or a warning about your car.  You may summon help from within the safety of the nearest store or restaurant.

8.  Avoid carrying packages that will not allow you to keep your hands free.  Most retailers will offer assistance if requested.

9.  If possible, shop with a friend or family member.

10. Follow your intuition.  If a situation doesn’t “feel right”, drive on or ask for a security escort to your parked car.

Being aware and creating a safe environment for you and your loved one is a simple step in personal safety techniques.  For more suggestions, please visit the Better Business Bureau for ideas on more safety tips.

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