Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

November 23, 2012
Senior Woman Opening Gift

Sometimes the best gifts come from the heart!


“Oh, please don’t get me a gift this year!  I have everything I need!”   Do you find it difficult shopping for your aging parents or other senior loved ones?  Maybe a shopping trip isn’t the best solution for gift ideas for seniors.

Consider the gift of time or a gift from the heart.  It may be a bit more difficult to squeeze the following ideas into a gift bag, but your loved one may appreciate the gift ideas in endless ways.

Gift Ideas for Seniors

  1. Take your loved one shopping. Whether a trip to the mall or an online shopping spree, make it a special day. Consider a small trip to local shops and boutiques.  Be sure to tune into your loved one’s limitations and don’t overdo.
  2. Lend a hand.  Carry on the holiday cooking traditions, asking your senior loved one to help where he or she can. Or, ask everyone to bring a favorite dish.
  3. Wrap and send packages. Arthritis can make wrapping those holiday presents a challenge. Schedule a gift-wrapping afternoon, complete with hot chocolate, cookies and plenty of family stories.
  4. Deck the halls. Bending, lifting and reaching to get those holiday decorations in place isn’t always possible for an older adult. Enlist the help of the grandkids and make decorating a fun multi-generational activity.
  5. Send holiday greetings. Offer to spend an afternoon helping your loved one address and send holiday cards, either by mail or as online photo greetings.
  6. Plan a fun event. Get a group of your senior loved one’s friends together to serenade other older adults in an assisted living facility or nursing home.
  7. Celebrate the reason for the season. Attend a religious program with your senior loved one. Be flexible with service times if necessary.
  8. Focus on others. Get your senior loved one and the entire family involved in gathering supplies for a homeless shelter or serving a holiday meal.
  9. Stay connected. Help an older adult connect with loved ones far away, whether over the phone or through a video-calling service like Skype.
  10. Give the gift of time.  Sometimes all an older adult wants is companionship. Show that you care by making room in your schedule to spend time together.

For more ideas, check out this gift-giving calendar.


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