Have You Hugged Your Caregiver Today!

October 1, 2012

Caregivers.  A broad definition for a very special skill!  Caregivers range from family caregivers of aging parents to professional caregivers in neighborhood senior communities.  The art of care giving varies from day-to-day routine assistance to advanced home care that requires 24-hour supervision.

Today, we  pause to salute and thank our caregivers for their skill, expertise, and nurturing acts that help make our parents’ and love ones’ lives more comfortable, enjoyable, and secure.  Caregivers are protectors, entertainers, taxi drivers, and confidants.

Hug Your Caregiver Today!

Ways to Say Thank You!

  • A sincere “thank you” and appreciation of the many tasks a caregiver undertakes
  • A thank you note or letter
  • Flowers, flowers, candy, or a small gift
  • A warm smile accompanied by a hug
  • Respect and appreciation for a job well done!

Caregiving and its job description is as varied as each caregiver and their care recipient.   The art of care giving is universal and is celebrated in the twinkle of an eye, a gentle laugh and a grateful smile!  We hope that you will take a moment to cherish your special care giving relationship and share what it means to you and your loved one on this special day.

If you are a family caregiver, we hope that you will join in the celebration of one of the greatest professions that provides dignity and independence for the senior community.  One way to share your story is to check out websites such as www.caring.com that help families and caregivers navigate the world of senior care and share their stories.  Or, you can add your story by joining our forum below.

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