Take a Break! Respite Care Allows Family Caregivers Time to Re-Charge

September 10, 2012

Adult day care centers offer an alternative for family caregivers

The third week of September is National Adult Day Services Week.   In 1983 when President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation for National Adult Day Services Week, only a few adult day centers dotted the country.  Today, more than 5,000 centers support families and caregivers as an alternative to full-time nursing home or assisted living care.  Adult day service centers provide a valuable respite care opportunity and social outlet for family caregivers and their loved ones.  Additionally, the centers can be a key component of care that includes a combination of family caregivers, as well as professional in-home caregivers.

The Family Caregiver Benefits from Adult Day Care

  • A respite allows the family caregiver time to pursue a hobby
  • A scheduled break time for an afternoon nap or rest
  • A reprieve from the daily task of monitoring medications and other health care needs
  • An opportunity to maintain their own health by scheduling doctor’s appointments or medical check ups
  • An opportunity to exercise or enjoy the outdoors
  • A time to visit with friends, enjoy lunch with neighbors, or one-on-one time with other family members

The Care Recipient Benefits from Adult Day Care

  • A chance to socialize and meet new people
  • An opportunity to feel useful by participating in organized activities and projects
  • A renewed interest in community events
  • An opportunity to become more physically active
  • A chance to gain more self-confidence in themselves and their abilities to do new things

However, we realize that adult day centers are not always an option for all caregiving situations.  Sometimes an adult day care center is not viable for your loved one.  When it’s too difficult for your spouse or parent to leave the home,  professionally trained caregivers can provide one-on-one in-home care daily or a few hours’ each week.  In-home respite allows your family’s senior to receive the care and attention they need, while allowing the family caregiver to plan an outing, rest, or schedule their own health care appointments.  In-home care can meet the objectives and needs of the care recipient, as well as the caregiver.

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