Today is Left-Handers Day: Celebrate the Southpaw!

August 13, 2012

Monday, August 13 is Worldwide Left-Handers Day.  It’s a day to celebrate southpaws and their unique perspective in our right-handed world.  However, as a family caregiver for a lefty; you have a unique challenge to make certain that daily skills can be accomplished with as greatest ease as possible.

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Southpaws excel in sport such as baseball, but day-to-day tasks can be cumbersome if the correct tools are not available

Left-handers are noted to excel in sports such as tennis, baseball, swimming and fencing.  However, adapting to a right-hand world can be a challenge.  Caregivers can help make the home a bit more comfortable by being aware of some of the following adaptations:

1.  Do you arrange the iron and ironing board for left-hand orientation?

2.  Are left-handed scissors in the desk drawer?

3.  Do you orient the computer mouse to the left of the keyboard?

4.  Do you provide gardening tools for left handers?

5.  Do you offer items to a southpaw with their left-dominant strength and flexibility in mind?

6.  If you help with daily skills, are trouser belts threaded in the best direction for a lefty?

7.  Are toiletries in the bathroom positioned with the comfort of the left-handed in mind?

8.  Is the work flow in the kitchen and office arranged for the left-handed resident?

9.  If assisting with bill paying, do you position the checkbook for a left-handed signature?

10. Do you arrange closets and drawers for left-handed preferences?

Lefties spend a lifetime adapting to a right-handed world.  It’s a nice and thoughtful gesture for caregivers to assist their left-handed loved ones with a few comfort and safety issues.  Only 10 percent of our population may be left-handed, but one in four Apollo astronauts were left handed and five of the last seven presidents have been southpaws!

Some retailers such as The Left Hand Store offer specialty tools and items designed for left-handed customers.

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