Senior Drivers Can Make Driving Adaptations

August 17, 2012

A few years’ ago we were in the market for a lightly used sedan that was popular among the senior crowd.  After making several calls on classified ads, it became apparent that senior drivers had a bit of a problem with depth perception and spatial relationships.  The common description of the car was, “It’s in great shape with low mileage, but there’s a scrape down the side from the garage door” or “It’s in perfect condition…except it’s missing the passenger side mirror”.

Senior drivers can take advantage of products designed for their safety and comfort

Just as we make adaptations to our home, it’s a good idea to look at adaptive devices for our senior drivers’ car.  For items that can improve the driving experiences of an older one in your life, check out the list below.

  • Panoramic Rear View Mirror. These large mirrors can make it easier and safer to change lanes, merge, and exit highways. Distortion-free, anti-glare, convex mirrors simply clip over the existing mirror and provide a wider view of the world. This item is available from Driving Comfort.
  • Drivease. This product supports legs and backs on long trips, and reduces leg and back pain on long-distance drives or commutes. Position the support under the right leg to aid circulation and support the sciatic nerve and lower back, and help to maintain a comfortable driving posture. Drivease costs approximately $30, and it can be found in automotive departments.
  • Driveway Mirror. These mirrors provide older ones with a better view of what’s behind them when they back out of a garage or driveway. These large, convex mirrors give wide angle views of blind curves or kids and toys, and install easily with mounting brackets.
  • Electric car blanket. Many older ones become chilly in the car, even when everyone else is comfortable. Those who have trouble staying sufficiently warm in car may benefit from an electric car blanket. These blankets are specially designed for use in the car, and plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Additionally, newer car models offer safety devices such as back up cameras, parking assist and alarms alerting drivers to traffic in their car’s blind spot.  It may be worth a trip to the local auto dealer so check out the newest features that can help our senior drivers.

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