Smart Seniors Are Checking Out Smartphone Apps

May 25, 2012

Most Houston seniors remember when an application was associated with a job interview!  Today, a whole new world exists within the palm of our hand.  Our smartphones and our “apps” are allowing us to access photos, music, calendars, banking records and even a directional compass anywhere, anytime.

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More and more applications are being introduced to the senior market, as well.

Top Senior Oriented Smartphone Apps


Calendar apps allow seniors to keep appointments, doctor’s visits, daily pill schedules and other reminders organized. Many apps can be set up to remain on the home screen of the phone, visible whenever the device is turned on, and to give reminders. A few calendar apps also allow users to create a shared calendar, making it possible for seniors and caregivers to keep in sync.

 2. GPS

The GPS function on a smartphone can be programmed with set locations that your senior loved one visits frequently, such as doctor’s offices, markets or friend’s homes. It can also point the way home if necessary.

 3. Pharmacy Apps

Some pharmacies are helping seniors keep their medications organized.    Users can maintain prescriptions, order refills and monitor doctor’s orders for prescription refills.  These apps allow the caregiver to keep up-to-date on the prescriptions their loved one is taking, as well.

4. Banking Apps

 By using a banking app, seniors can monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity, keep informed about their balance or ensure that mortgage or loan payments are completed on time.

5. File Sharing Apps

Most file sharing apps are rather complicated but once they’re figured out, they can be invaluable to seniors and their caregivers. These apps allow seniors to share anything from shopping lists and itineraries to prescriptions and advanced medical directives, allowing caregivers to stay informed. Files can also be sent to the phone, permitting the caregiver to share important documents, prescription information or reminders with their loved one.

Staying on the cutting edge of technology may not be in the forefront of most senior’s minds, but when used well, it can be a lifesaver. In many cases, a home health care professional can help your senior loved one to utilize their smartphone’s capabilities if you find yourself unavailable.

Have you found an app that makes your life easier?  Please share with our readers’ forum!

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