Houston Hosts Several Sites for National Drug Take-Back Program

April 19, 2012
Seniors Can Participate in Drug Take-Back Program April 28

Seniors Can Participate in Drug Take-Back Program April 28

Have you checked your Mom’s medicine cabinet lately?  Or, what about underneath Dad’s shaving sink?  Chances are you may find bins full of outdated prescription medications or that prescription  ointment for Dad’s Poison Ivy rash during the family camping trip  — in 1996.

It’s Spring Cleaning time and that means more than sweeping out the garage or hosing off the back deck.  Check out the kitchen cabinets, travel kits, night stands, old purses and automobile consoles.  Gather up those outdated medications and take them to your local National Drug Take-Back collection site next Saturday

The Greater Houston Area has numerous collections sites that will be open from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 28.  You may find collection sites at various school districts and police departments in the area by visiting the Drug Enforcement Administration home page.

The Drug Enforcement Agency’s fourth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day has netted almost 1 ton of outdated or unused medication since its inception just over one year ago.

Why should we dispose of medications at central collections sites?

1.  Cleaning out medicine cabinets keeps harmful prescription drugs away from children.

2.  An organized medicine cabinet lessens the risk of mistaken overdoses and other dosing errors.

3.  Dropping off harmful prescription drugs at a secure collection site protects our drinking water sources and lessens the harmful impact on landfill sites.

The DEA states that accidental poisonings, overdoses and prescription drug abuse are quite high in the United States and their goal with the program is to provide a central collection site to allow for safe disposal of prescription medications.  This effort is keeping tons of medications out of the hands of children and away from our drinking water sources.

Mark your calendar and add your neighborhood National Drug Take-Back Program drop-off site to your Saturday errands route!

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