It’s Earth Day. What are You Doing for Mother Earth?

April 12, 2012

Planning a Picnic for Earth Day is an Easy Way to Include All Generations in Your Family Plans

Saturday, April 21 is Earth Day and a great time for Houstonians to celebrate our planet.  Also, it’s the one time during the year when the Texas humidity and searing heat are kept at bay!  So, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with your entire family.

A family picnic is an excellent multi-generational gathering that accommodates the high activity levels of the younger kids while allowing an opportunity for Mom or Dad to be a part of the action at their own pace.

In observance of Earth Day, The Nature Conservancy provides ten tips to an eco-friendly picnic.  We think these tips are senior friendly, as well:

1.  Choose a location near you.  By lessening your carbon footprint, you’re protecting the environment and making it easy on aging parents.  And, if your loved one isn’t able to enjoy a backyard picnic or a gathering at a nearby park — consider bringing the picnic indoors.  The change in routine can be mood-buster for a home bound senior.

2.  Use re-usable or compostable utensils.  Pack your lightweight plastic ware 0r use compostable products.

3.  Bring healthy foods.  Fruits, veggies and grains are better for you and have a lower impact on the earth’s resources.  Planning the menu is an excellent time to reminisce with your loved one about picnics they may have enjoyed as youngsters.

4.  Pack local, in-season foods.  Local foods are fresh and tasty.

5.  Use cloth napkins.  Grab some old, mismatched napkins and leave the paper napkins at the local fast food restaurants.

6.  Compost and recycle trash.  Remember the old Scouting rule of pack out what you pack in.

7.  Clean your picnic site.  While enjoying your afternoon in the park, pick up the area and leave it a bit better for the next guest to enjoy.

8.  Enjoy nature.  Your senior may enjoy an afternoon of bird watching, fishing, or identifying flowers and blooming trees or shrubs.

9.  Use electronics wisely.  It’s just for a day!  Unplug and connect with your family.

10.  Support nature.  Celebrate Earth Day by checking out your local chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

Sometimes, innovative senior care involves stopping to smell the flowers!

Do you have plans for Earth Day?  If so, please share with our readers!



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