Adaptive Devices Help Houston Caregivers with Daily Activities

April 15, 2012
Son Helping FAther

Adult Children Have More Tools for Helping Their Parents with Daily Needs

Providing care for aging parents involves much more than preparing meals and the occasional trip to the Texas Medical Center for a doctor’s appointment.  As care needs change, the adult child is continually adapting and seeking new ways to help their parent accomplish familiar tasks such as dressing.

Adaptive devices and resources on the internet can help combat the struggles of a caregiver by providing tools that can lessen the daily chores involved in caregiving and help contribute to our seniors’ independence.

Adaptive clothing design has evolved with changing demands and the senior-oriented clothing industry offers a wider range of wardrobe options for active or immobile seniors.  The clothing is more fashionable, more versatile, and offers friendlier fabric-care options than in years’ past.  One long-time distributor of nursing home supplies and clothing has an extensive online catalog.

Innovative senior care can mean the difference between coping with ongoing issues or making slight adaptations in our daily routines.  For instance, amplification devices can mean the difference in a home with a blaring television or a senior loved one watching television or listening to music in comfort.  Other products for the hearing impaired are available on several websites.

Product demand has created an explosion in home care items directed at senior care.  And, as our silver tsunami continues to grow, manufacturers are becoming more creative in their senior-related product lines.  For the vision impaired, voice labeling systems that include a handheld pen reader contribute to a greater level of independence.  The integrated system assists with tasks such as reading medication labels or following food preparation labels to maintaining household paperwork or cataloging music collections.

Another excellent identification tool for the vision-impaired senior is a color identification tool.  This handheld tool can read and verbally identify colors on clothing, shoes and other products.  Not only is this product a plus for the vision-impaired senior, but a liberating tool for the family home care provider who has spent hours labeling and identifying clothing!  An excellent resource for vision-related products is Lighthouse International.

Taking care of elderly parents at home is a commitment to a new lifestyle.  However, adult children are not alone as caregiving is becoming more main stream every day and more products are evolving to meet the demands of our seniors.

Do you have helpful tips for family caregivers when it comes to adapting to new tasks?  Please share in our readers’ forum.

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