Observing Signs of Aging Can Prolong Independence

March 16, 2011

Houston-area family caregivers can learn the importance of observing warning signs of aging as a tool to prolong independence.  Learning to watch for subtle cues in our parents for physical, mental and emotional changes can signal underlying health concerns or other care issues that should be addressed.

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This video segment addresses warning signs that we can observe when we visit our parents, as well as questions we can ask over the telephone if we are long-distance caregivers.

Some symptoms that we may observe through casual observation and conversation include:

1.  Persistent fatigue or loss of energy 

Are our parents still pursuing favorite hobbies?  Does their social life remain active? If there are changes in these activities it may be time to look at the possibility of an underlying physical health issue or concern.

2.  Sudden changes in moods and outlook

Do our parents’ moods swing from happy to crying jags in seconds?  Is there a sudden focus on fearful issues?

3.  Changes in balance

Do we see signs that household objects are being used to steady a gait?  Are the towel bars loose in the bathroom?  Do window sills near a favorite chair appear wobbly or loose?  Is the shower curtain torn?

4.  Changes in appetite or sudden weight loss

Is the phrase, “I’m not hungry” being said more often?  Is there more junk food in the home?

By keeping in touch with our parents and their everyday issues, it’s easier to recognize changes in their lifestyle that can signal a need for more help.

Please click here to view our video on Physical Symptoms and Mental and Emotional Changes to Look for in Aging Parents as Part 2 of 4-Part Video Series on “Aging Parent Care”

If you have experienced changes in your parents’ lifestyle, please share your solutions and suggestions on how to help them remain more independent.  

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