“The Doctor Will See You Now”

January 25, 2011

Check Out our Patient-Doctor Communication Video Series for Important Tips

How often have we opened a conversation with our parents regarding a recent doctor’s appointment, only to find an answer laced in confusion?

We’re confused because our parent’s response may not follow the medication instructions or follow up care guidelines.

Our parents may be confused because they could have had difficulty hearing their doctor’s instructions or they were embarassed to ask for clarification on confusing instructions.

This posting features the first in a video series that focuses on helping our parents communicate with healthcare providers.

Topics will range from a review of important medical documents to an outline of helpful tips that can help you arrange for a succesful medical appointment. Please review the following video for more information:

Patient-Doctor Communication Video Series – Part 1 of 4

Also, an excellent resource that will help you keep track of important information as you follow along in this series is the handbook, “How to Communicate with Healthcare Providers” . Please click on the title to download your copy.

If you have helpful pointers that make doctor’s appointments more productive for your family and your healthcare professionals, please share your experiences with our readers by posting your comments.

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