Tending Plants Grows a Healthy Soul

January 7, 2011

Keeping mind, body and soul active is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves….at any age.

We know that Alzheimer’s awareness programs encourage us to solve puzzles, learn to play the piano, or study a foreign language in order to keep our minds active and engaged.  And, senior-oriented exercise programs encourage us to keep our bodies active so that imbalance issues won’t keep us from pursuing our favorite activities.  


Blooms Feed Our Souls

Blooms Feed Our Souls

We’re actively feeding our minds and bodies, but how do we
feed our souls? 

We can start by feeding our plants… and watering them…and tenderly training them into beautiful home accents.

As we nurture our plants, we’re nurturing our souls.  Growing healthy plants and herbs are wonderfully positive ways to bring the outdoors inside during the darkest and coldest days of winter.

Getting a jumpstart on a few herb and vegetable seedlings indoors will boost us into a busy and productive spring and summer garden season outdoors.  Then, just as we fed and nurtured our seedlings during the winter, our soul is rejuvenated by the successes of our plantings!

There is something gratifying and satisfying about digging in the warm, damp earth after a cold winter spent indoors.  No matter our skills, digging and planting is rewarding!  

If we are unable to work outdoors or bending and stretching is a problem, container gardening is a great alternative.  And, studies have shown that working with familiar objects is excellent therapy for seniors dealing with dementia-related anxiety issues.  For instance, an activity box filled with seeds, gardening gloves, a trowel and other gardening tools offers a soothing sense of familiarity to a gardening hobbyist.

You can learn more about gardening in Houston by contacting  Harris County Master Gardeners.  Or, for more tips on gardening and other soul-building activities for your senior love one, please visit www.getmommoving.com.

If you have a favorite hobby that feeds your soul, please share your story with our readers.  Your hobby may be another reader’s solution!

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