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January 28, 2011

Part 2 of 4 Part Video Series: Patient-Doctor Communication


Today’s healthcare environment is very different from “Old Doc Riley’s” house calls your mom may fondly remember from her childhood. 

It takes a vital communications plan to stay in control of all the information that your mom may be receiving from her healthcare team. 

And it’s a full line up!  The family practitioner may be calling the plays…but there’s a whole squad of players involved in your senior’s healthcare.

When developing a patient-doctor communication plan, it’s important to look at all the players — from the many specialists, physical therapists, pharmacists, acupunturists, and family caregivers.

We’re visiting a video series on patient-doctor communication, a topic that is important to everyone, but especially to our senior population. We hope that you’ll view the video as it highlights a few key reasons to develop good patient-doctor communication in order to:

  1. Avoid repeat visits from improper patient follow through on medical directions.
  2. Avoid medication errors through improper use of prescriptions or confusing instructions.
  3. Properly follow doctor’s instructions with a clear understanding of outcome.
  4. Maintain senior independence through proper health care.

Please click here to view Part 2 of 4 Part Series: Patient-Doctor Communication.

Your thoughts are important to us we hope that you will share any tips that you use when developing a communications plan with your senior’s healthcare team.

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