“Hurry, I Need You in Houston….NOW!”

December 31, 2010

“I need you at home…NOW!   Your dad hasn’t been feeling well and the doctor wants to admit him to the hospital for tests!”

Those aren’t the words that we want to hear pouring out from the telephone.  However, if we’re involved in long-distance caregiving of a senior loved one…many of us are juggling this care routine by phone.  And, jetting out of town for a quick check-in visit can be unsettling for our entire household — especially without prior planning.

This last installment from our five-part video series on long distance caregiving helps us identify tasks that we can accomplish ahead of time in order to be prepared for a last-minute trip home to check on Mom or Dad.  And, that unexpected or emergency trip home WILL happen sometime during our caregiving experience with our parents.

An example of materials that you can prepare BEFORE an emergency include a “File of Life”.  This file of personal information is placed in a readily visible location, such as the refrigerator door,  and contains vital details such as:  lists of medications, special health conditions, contact information for doctors and family members, and other care information.

Other duties that you may want to make prior arrangements for include developing  a back up care plan for your children or pets and having an overnight bag packed and ready for a quick departure.

If you are employed, you may want to consider informing your employer that you are a long-distance care provider and that you wish to provide a back-up plan for your workload in the event of an unscheduled absence. 

Consider Meeting with Elder Care Professionals

Additonally, you may want to consider hiring a geriatric care manager  for an evaluation and overall discussion about your senior loved one’s total care needs.  This overview will provide you with options such as community resources and assistance such as in-home care from licensed professionals.  Another resource that will help you with your emergency plan includes the National Institute on Aging.  

By planning for the unexpected, a sudden trip out of town to check in on a long-distance family member may be a visit for your peace of mind — rather than a chaotic upheaval in your day-to-day household. 

 Please Click Here for Our Final Video of Five-Part Series on Solutions for Long Distance Caregiving

If you have a story to tell about your long-distance caregiving experience, please share with us.

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